Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Panic attack at GWB Megamart

Went grocery shopping at The George W. Bush Megamart this morning and since the store wasn't too crowded, I felt relaxed and shopped at a leisurely pace. In produce, a cute tattooed, goateed young man asked me which of the greens were parsley. I pointed out the herb in question and joked, "What are you doing shopping for parsley if you don't even know what it looks like?" He gave me a funny look and said sort of defensively, "I know what it looks like ... there's just so many ... green things here." And then he chuckled. Oh if I were about 10 years younger and single. I would have told him my risque parsley joke. Romance in the produce section. Swoon.And then when I was nearly done shopping, just going through the last few aisles, I felt weak, shaky and slightly nauseous. Panic attack? Or was it fumes from the cleaning products? The last time it happened it was in/near the cleaning product aisle. I think must have a reaction to the combination of fumes in that aisle. Once I got to the checkout lanes, I felt a little better. Maybe I should wear a Michael Jackson surgical mask when I shop.